You're a Wizard

A few of the hundreds of emails I’ve received over the last 5 years from children around the world who believe that the website I made would really take them to Hogwarts. Sorry guys. 2004 signups and counting.

08 Jul 2020

This is fake

Prajwal, Who Wanted To Debunk This Fakery. [Click for Thread]

I asked him how, to which he said:

It has Wufoo branding. Hogwarts doesn't use Wufoo.

Well, good. He had more to ask:

How many children have you fooled with this trick?

But I’m not fooling children! I told him that.

Ah, see I didn't make this to fool people!

It's just a fun project I made back in the day that I forgot about but it
still gets around 100 emails a month haha.

Anyway I hope you're enjoying the books and keeping safe!

We got talking.

Are you Indian? What is your age?

I obliged,

Yes I'm from India.

I'm 19 now, however this website was made when I was 12. I enjoy making

But he was talking between class:

I'm talking to you between my online class. History Class. Its boring.


Please go study. Take care.