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A few of the hundreds of emails I’ve received over the last 5 years from children around the world who believe that the website I made would really take them to Hogwarts. Sorry guys. 2004 signups and counting.

01 Sep 2020

Hello is magic real?

Neeharika, Who Asked a Good Question [Click for Thread]

My Response:

Hello Neeharika!

Thank you for writing to me. You've stumbled across a website I made back
in 7th grade to celebrate my love for Harry Potter. It has continued to run
for the last 6-7 years.

I like your question very much, but I'm afraid I have no clear answer
for you. I like to think that such a great question has no yes or no
answer. Is magic real? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.

I, for one, don't think it's un-real.

I have no proof that it doesn't exist and I, truthfully, like to believe
that does because the world seems a far more interesting place when we
don't close ourselves to such a possibility.

Whenever I find myself looking for it, I snuggle back into re-reading
something like Harry Potter, Enid Blyton, Lord of the Rings, The Golden
Compass or Percy Jackson and I think that the only answer I can give you is
to maybe do the same (at least, for the time being)! I find that whenever I
sink back into such stories, I enjoy thinking over questions like the one
you asked me. We don't know what the answers to such questions are, man,
are they ridiculously exciting to explore.

Keep reading! I hope you're keeping safe. Any time you want to discuss
books, I'm here for it :)